Below is a little discussion about the vulnerability i identified. 

Normally i would release an advisory, but so much time has passed and this will
be sufficient. The reason for this is to show vendors how NOT to respond. I know 
other people who would have created exploit code and publicly released it after
doing their own security audit of the software, all because of the vendors attitude
lol. Additionally, i was tired of their company website appearing in Google when my 
site was searched. 

The company can be found at: 
HTTP [://] peak software [.] com [.] au

Basically they had an administration area that was vulnerable to SQL injection. 
They labeled this area, "PeakCMS". Not sure if they still use the same version, 
but anyway i kindly called them up informing them of the issue. Basically all 
they said was "why were you looking for this?", in a hostile tone... I kindly 
gave them my name and number. Never heard from them again. 

I never posted the issue as an advisory for a number of reasons, which i honestly
cannot be bothered repeating now. 

The vulnerability was a basic SQL injection authentication bypass vulnerability. 
Nothing difficult to exploit at all. I'm surprised someone else hadn't found it 

Furthermore, i wouldn't be surprised if the vulnerability still exists in
current versions. 

In the "notes" section of the link entry of my website i stated:
"There are still more, undisclosed vulnerabilities in this software". 

I never performed a full test of the package, more so just through an innocent single
quote in here and there. I identified another SQL Injection bug in the software. 
Quiet easy to identify. Just imagine what a web application scanner would reveal. 

I suggest if you run this software, you should quarantine the package (and associated 
modules) and have a professional security audit performed, then give the company 2 
years to fix the issues identified.